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This section of the FAQs covers some of the basic information about LOMALearn for Corporate Administrators. For details on how to purchase courses for your employees, see the separate FAQ pages for that topic.

I'm already set up as a Corporate Administrator on the old LOMALearn web site. Do I need to be set up again on the new LOMALearn site?

No. Your account information has been copied over to the new LOMALearn site. Your username (login ID) may have changed, however—the new LOMALearn uses your e-mail address as your username. Your password should be the same as it was on the old site. However, if you have trouble logging in to the new site with that password, you can try resetting your password.

You can reset your password on the new LOMALearn home page. Choose Forgot My Password (it's located at the bottom of the Client Login box on the right side of the page). Enter your username (which is your e-mail address), make sure "Reset password" is checked, then click the Submit button. A new password will be e-mailed to you.

The new password will be a system-generated string of characters. Because it most likely will not be an easy password to remember, after you log in using this password, be sure to change it to something that will be easier to remember.


I'm already registered as an Ed Rep in LOMANET. Do I need a separate registration in LOMALearn?

Yes, if you plan to purchase any products for your employees on the LOMALearn site. LOMANET and LOMALearn are separate sites and currently have separate registration and log in processes.


I need to be registered as a LOMALearn Corporate Administrator for my company. How do I do that?

Click here to access the Corporate Administrator Change Form. Complete the form and fax it to LOMA at the number on the form.


What does a Corporate Administrator do in LOMALearn?

A LOMALearn Corporate Administrator oversees and manages employees' LOMALearn educational activities at a company. A Corporate Administrator is responsible for such activities as:

  • Setting up student accounts in LOMALearn for employees through the Create New User option under the Administration menu.
  • Enrolling students for learning activities through the Course Catalog menu. Choose Browse Catalog to select products to purchase for students. See the separate FAQ How To Purchase Study Materials on LOMALearn for more information.
  • Following the progress of employees as they progress through LOMALearn courses. You can view reports on your students' progress by selecting Administrator Reports under the Administration menu.


How much does an online course cost?

That's easy to determine. Simply browse the Course Catalog. You can do that at any time, whether logged into the site or not, by clicking the Course Catalog menu option on the left side of the main LOMALearn page, and then selecting Browse Catalog.

The price of each course—both the price for LOMA members and the non-member price, if applicable—are listed below the summary of each course in the catalog.

LOMA also offers discounts through the use of promotional codes, as well as volume purchase discounts. For more information about purchasing products on LOMALearn, see the FAQ document on How to Purchase Study Materials on LOMALearn.


What methods of payment are available?

Students who enroll themselves for a course on LOMALearn can pay by credit card—Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. Students cannot currently charge their enrollments to their company for invoicing.

Company corporate administrators / ed reps can also pay by credit card, or they can choose to be invoiced. Invoices are typically sent out monthly.


As a Corporate Administrator, can I view my students' progress on courses?

Yes. Log in to LOMALearn, go to Administrator Reports under the Administration menu option on the left side of the LOMALearn pages. The "Student Information Report" and the "Activities in Progress Report" can provide you with this information. We will be adding additional reports in the future.


Where do I get more information about my role as a LOMALearn Corporate Administrator?

You can call LOMA's Contact Center at 1-800-ASK-LOMA (Option 1, then select Option 4 for LOMALearn), or send an e-mail to We also plan to develop a comprehensive Administrator Guide that will be available for download.